The name AR.CA. comes from the initials of Armando Cavallini, the company's founder, born in 1932 he has given a relevant contribution to the italian heating, starting his activity in 1951, at first as an employee in a big boilers factory in Mantova; after that, in 1971, along with other associates, setting up a civil hearthing appliances factory.
In 1989 he decided to work in a completely independent manner, giving birth in 1990 to the company AR.CA., a family conduction company ow ned by Cavallini family.
In slightly more than 10 years, AR.CA. has become a leader company in Italy in the production of solid fuel boilers with gasification technology, with a market share evaluated to more than 20%.
In the segment of steel natural gas-light oil boilers, the wideness of is range of products permit satisfying any application.
The production of boilers since 1993, has built up a unique technical choices often taken in large discontinuity with respect to all the competitors favoring the cyclic performance of their products rather than the instantaneous performance in order to conseguireun real savings in gas consumption.
The company's products are sold in Europe , Asia , Latin America with countless brands and names often reserved for OEM customers.
AR.CA. owns several patents for the production of industrial boilers specific for mixed systems (floor - radiators) at two different temperatures (Panel Models , Multipla) and for the production of part of the components such as the three-way valve hydraulic.
In the field of biomass boilers .AR.CA. was the first manufacturer (in 1993) to produce a boiler inlet and the first manufacturer to develop a wood pellet boiler (in 2001), while achieving a pellet burner aspirated (patented in 2002).
AR.CA. is developing a program of granular biomass boilers wood pellet and corn with the aim to make a contribution to achieving the objectives set by the Kyoto Protocol on the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
Systems & Services Division Department is the only example on the market of pre- service technical and commercial integration between radiant panels, boiler and solar panels on the market today.
AR.CA. does not live by advertising but references to its customers which with their " word of mouth" have allowed a progressive development of the company and a consolidation of product image and credibility of the company.
Customer centricity has been and will be the only driver of business continuity. A big thank you to the more than 460,000 customers in the way that we were given the preference.


  • Arca_SirGio_professional-copia.jpg
  • FTV.jpg
    Wall-hung gas boilers
  • PIXEL MX-2.jpg
    Wall-hung gas boilers
  • ita-thumb6050.jpg
    Wall-hung gas boilers
  • Caldaie a legna e pellet di Arca Caldaie.JPG
    Wood/pellet boilers
  • Airpellet1.JPG
    Pellet stoves
  • Generatore a pellet1.JPG
    Hot air generators pellet
  • Caldaia in acciaio di Arca Caldaie.jpg
    Steel boilers
  • Split Aeternum 2.JPG
    Climatizzazione-Pompe di Calore
  • Icona-Pannelli solari.JPG
    Solar Energy Systems
  • Icona pavimento.JPG
    Floor heating
  • bolli2.JPG
    Storage tanks
    hydraulic kits
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