Solar collector


Features of the solar collector:

  • the KS2000 TLP version has an ash-brown painted housing (RAL 7022)
  • the cover of the housing is made with structural glass providing high permeability to solar radiation (91.6%, representing the highest class U1)
  • the absorber is fully made with copper
  • a parallel (“harp”) arrangement of copper pipes provides minimum flow resistance, reducing electricity consumption by the circulation pump and enabling rapid emptying of glycol from the pipes in case of overheating and stagnation of the collector (when boiling and evaporation occur)
  • the absorber is covered with a BlueTec layer produced using oxides of titanium and silicon, with good selectivity properties (absorption 95%, emission 5%)
  • low heat losses to the environment are ensured by the use of thermal insulation made of mineral wool, 55 mm thick on the bottom of the housing and 20 mm thick on the side walls


  • Wall-hung gas boilers
  • Wall-hung gas boilers
  • Wall-hung gas boilers
  • Wood/pellet boilers
  • Pellet stoves
  • Hot air generators pellet
  • Steel boilers
  • Climatizzazione-Pompe di Calore
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Floor heating
  • Storage tanks
  • hydraulic kits
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