AR.CA.'s technological evolution path.

  • 1993 the first wood boiler with forced drafting scheme gasification technology
  • 1995 the first wood forced drafting scheme gasification technology boiler with output power modulation facility
  • 1996 the first wall natural gas boiler with PED modulation and external temperature probe
  • 1997 a special constant flow hydraulic valve is patented (water flow pressure independent, no flow difference among the various building floors).
  • 1998 electronic ignition with a single electrode. Arca is the only wall natural gas boilers producer which has never sold boilers with pilot flame (wasting about 1 m³ gas every day)
  • 1999 that is the year of the Panel patent, the boiler-heating system bundle in a single box. This system is replied with Multipla, the wall flush mounting boiler- heating system bundle.
  • 2000 the Systems and Services Department is a reality, the first and the single integrated service offering technical support before selling the products, delivering the whole range of required system components, and providing any assistance required for the boiler and the floor heating system; for any needing, the customer will have a single entity to address to.
  • 2001 new granular biomass fueled boiler types added to the products range (corn, kernels, pellet etc.)
  • 2002 in december is applied the patent for a totally automated granular biomass (pellet etc.) burner type for forced drafting arrangement type boilers.
  • 2003 the production of Pixel, the smallest wall natural gas boiler available, is started; it features an integral digital electronic controlling system with a separate hot sanitary water heat exchanger with an oversized surge tank.
  • 2004 the wall flush mounting version of Pixel is added, with the smallest inner frame of its category. The interior mounting Pixel series is completed with models 24 N and 29 F.
  • 2005 starts the production of Pixel C, the smallest condensation wall natural gas boiler existing on the market, with three digital electronically controlled heat exchangers, without dead waiting times because of high thermal inertia phenomenons, to reach the highest possible cyclic performance. The range of AR.CA. products is completed in the field of the renewable energy sources with solar panels and a new release of the electronic control system capable to manage the solar heat source. The production of wall flush mount condensation type boilers with hot sanitary water storing tank takes place.
  • 2006 the range of condensing boilers is extended with built-in models without thermal inertia. ARCA is the first company in Europe to create a model of wall-mounted condensing boiler with instantaneous returns in the class of higher efficiency than the 4 (seedbuk A) without having the thermal inertia of the premix boilers;
  • 2007 to January ARCA made ​​the first commercially available digital boiler condensing efficiency class 4, seedbuk A, without thermal inertia and low emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon : the model 26 Pixel FCX . In June exits the condensing boiler with storage tank 60 liter stainless steel built-in block 60 cm wide, with the highest performance in its class, performance class 4 (seedbuk A) digital management , reduced emission of nitrogen oxides and carbon and free of thermal inertia: Pixel B 26 FCX .
  • 2008 ARCA patented the SUN system, the gas boiler able to take advantage of all the energy of the solar preheat water for the primary circuit. The system will be emulated by leading boiler manufacturers such as Bosch and Viessmann.
  • 2009 was developed from the LPA , the first wood - pellet boiler with automatic switching from wood to pellets up to 120 kW of power.
  • 2011 ARCA is the first company on the market to offer a full range of generators pellet air pellet modulating up to 250 kW.
  • 2012 ARCA is the first manufacturer to produce a pellet stove water can handle the entire plant including a solar source.
  • 2013 ARCA is the first manufacturer of boilers offer the market a combi boiler automatically operated pieces of wood - pellet - diesel (Triomatic) and a diesel-automatic pellet boiler (GRA -LT)
  • 2015 Arca begins to produce the hybrid system by combining a boiler with SUN logic, an accumulation of technical water and a heat pump. Hybrid Container optimizes more energy sources in a compact system.
  • 2015 Arca expands the range of biomass hot air generators by adding wood generators (GENL) and wood / pellet automatic generators (GENLPA) to the production of pellet generators (GENP). The new range goes from a capacity of 30 kW (single-phase) to 250 kW
  • 2016 The production of condensing gas boilers begins with a primary copper exchanger and a secondary stainless steel exchanger with parallel flows and low pressure drops. Unique technology in the market.
  • 2016 was born the first granular gasification boiler able to use poor granular fuels in combination with pellets.
  • 2016 Arca is the only manufacturer of condensing gas boilers to use the technology of the mono-tube copper water-water exchanger with anti-limestone function.
  • 2017 starts the poor granular project with the filing of the Polimatic patent for the use of alternative renewable fuels to pellets
  • 2017 start of production of the condensing gas boiler with a second stainless steel exchanger
  • 2018 after 26 years of studies, the production of gas boilers with premix technology begins


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    Wall-hung gas boilers
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    Wall-hung gas boilers
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    Wall-hung gas boilers
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    Wood/pellet boilers
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    Pellet stoves
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    Hot air generators pellet
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    Steel boilers
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    Climatizzazione-Pompe di Calore
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    Solar Energy Systems
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    Floor heating
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    Storage tanks
    hydraulic kits
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